Dr.P.B.Rajesh(Indian astrologer & Gem Consultant)

According to astrology each stone comes under a planet. Venus is the ruling planet for Diamond and it is the gem for love and a happy married life. If Venus is weak or unfavorable in your birth chart, the best recommendation is to go for a quality diamond.  Once get started to wear this, very soon you will get amazing results.
In certain cases, Venus will be in combination with Jupiter or Sun reduces the power of Venus planet.
If your marriage is getting late or facing difficulties, consult with an astrologer and wear a proper gemstone according to your Birth chart analysis.

Diamond is one of the hardest stone in the earth. It is a crystalized form of Carbon. You can wear it as an ornament like finger ring, pendant, nose pin or an ear ring.
Friday is the most auspicious day for starting to wear a Diamond.  Right hand for males and left for females are the most favorable.
Diamond is a very good option for a happy married life. Nowadays people are using this as a wedding ring.
Different types of Diamonds are available in the market. You have to carefully choose a best quality.
You can buy a diamond according to your budget. Remember “Size is not a mandatory “.
If you are not satisfy after wearing a couple of weeks, months or years you are able to sell them.

Diamonds are truly an investment like what you are expecting with gold. You can expect the market value like how or what you are expecting the old gold market value from a gold retailer.

It is safe and reliable.

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