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When I visited Kerala in 2019, I took astrology consultation from Dr. PB Rajesh. With the result of consultation, he told me to wear Navarathna ring to make my life better. (Since Indian astrology has strong relationship with gem stones, I added the explanation of Navarathna below which provided from Him.)
I bought a beautiful Navarathna ring at a store called AGP(A.GEERIPAI) in Ernakulam with a certificate of diamond and gold.
Navarathna ring has a certain way to wear, a certain day to wear and a certain finger to wear  to maximize the fortune. Diamond to be top. Which finger and day to wear is different depending on a person. To figure them out, you need to take Indian astrology consultation because what need to be cover is different for each person.

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Navarathna(nine gemstones) Influence

Based on Indian astrology nine planets are influencing our life.By the time of birth of an individual some planet will be strong and few may be weak .Some planets will be supporting and some will be making problems .To overcome the bad influence and to get more benefits one can wear a gem stone as a catalyst to control the planets influence.An expert in this field can help you to select the suitable stone.

For perticular purposes also one can wear a stone.for example : good health,to get more money,to overcome a problem etc.

●Ruby is the stone representing Sun. Wearing  it will help to get high position ,power , money and good for the health of heart. Ruby is Red in color and durable stone .
*Ruby is known as the king of gemstones.

●Pearl is the stone representing Moon. It help the wearer to get peace of mind, reduce tension and good memories. Pearl is white color.
*Pearl is also known as the queen of gemstones.

●Coral is the stone representing Mars. This stone help the wearer to become energetic. Good for married life. It protect the wearer from vehicle accident

●Emerald is the gem representing Mercury. It is good for education. It will reduce deceases related to nerve. It is good for People in the field of bank and IT.

●Yellow sapphire is the gem stone representing Jupiter. It is the planet for wisdom. It will help to get offspring for those who don’t have children. Light yellow color is good.

●Diamond is the hardest mineral and representing Venus. It help the wearer to get married fast and also good for married life. It help the artist people to perform well

●Blue sapphire is representing by Saturn. It help the people to overcome come rhumatic problems and breathing problems. It help the people in the field of Yoga. From light to dark color Blue sapphire are available. It must be transparent.

● Hessonite is representing by Rahu. It help the wearer to overcome skin problems. It help the people to get jobs abroad.Good to get luck and money. Hessonite is brown color.

●Cat’s eye is representing by Kethu. It help the wearer to overcome allergy. and skin decease. It will protect you from black magic. Honey and milk color is the best