Written By Dr.P.B.Rajesh

This is an interesting story of how the idol in the Mridanga Saileswari temple was stolen and then found.


I got a voice clip about this temple five years back. It was from a former DGP of Police, Alexander Jacob. He was saying three theft attempt of the temple diety, a Panchaloha ( an alloy of five metals including gold), which worth more than a Crore.

On the first time the police heard about the idol was from unknown person. It was on a culvert kept with a piece of paper mentioned that “we had stolen this from Mridanga Saileswari temple.And not able to take any more. Pls return this idol to that temple in a place called Mughakkunnu in Kannur District.” Police searched with this information but they could not find.

On another day, Wayanad (District) police got a telephone call from unknown person. They said the idol was stolen and kept in this lodge please take it from here. We cannot carry it. Police searched again but they could not find.

And at third time police got a call from temple authorities saying that idol was stolen. This time police searched the surroundings and found it from a ground not far away from the temple. Police investigated and caught the thieves. When questioned they told after taking the idol from temple. They lost their consciousness in another way they are not aware to identify North South East West directions. Same time they lost their body control. Motion and urine started going .So they are not able to carry the idol. People believed that it happened because of a power of idol.

Mridanga Saileswari Temple2

If you have any impossible wish, then pray to this Goddess. Give a bottle of ghee or a lamp filled with ghee to the temple. Your wish will get fulfilled soon.
This temple was belonged to Kottayam Ruler, Pazhassi Rajah. Now it is under Malabar Devaswam Board. And it is a war goddess. In olden times the ruler prays to this god before they go for a war. Many miracles happening in this temple even today.

Katha kali (a dance) title song was composed here. Anywhere in the world kathakali start with this song.
Navarathri (9 nights) is the festival of this temple celebrating on October month. More than one lakhs people are visiting this temple every month. It is one of the tourist attractions in Kannur District.

*This temple has another nine-day festival which will star on the karthika star and end on Pooram star in Malayalam month Meenam (March). These days celebration include many cultural activities and Thantric rituals.

*In Navarathri Ayudha pooja(worshiping Tools) and last day with Vidyarambam( starting of learning).This day is believed the best auspicious day to start learning. *Katha kali is a Kerala traditional temple art of dance. It was played on temple festivals. Or on special occasions at palace and rich families. It will have a theme like drama. Most of the kathakali story is based on Mahabharatham. the title song of Katha kali is praising Mridanga Saileswari(the name of goddess)

Mridanga Saileswari Temple3

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