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This blog is mainly about South India. Sometimes we post about India generally.

A famous Indian astrologist in Kerala, Dr. P.B Rajesh, contribute for the articles.

Dr. P.B Rajesh

Dr.P.B.Rajesh is an astorlogist who is from Kerala.

He has been writing weekly forecasts for major Indian publications such as Times of India, The Hindu, Manorama weekly, Mangalam weekly and many more.
Dr. P.B.Rajesh has been practicing Indian astrology since 1984 and has developed his own method of deciphering horoscope using various aspects and perspectives.
He was also a Gem consultant with Bhima jewels since 1994. He has provided various solutions to over a million inquiries.


I am the administrator of the site.
In 2019, I visited South India for the first time and was fascinated by South India.
I will be posting information on how to get to South India and other information for beginners in South India.
I will also post my impressions of the food and beauty products sold in India.

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