News started appearing with the blooming of 1000 petal lotus in Kerala dailies from last year.
Sahasra dala padmam(1000 petal lotus) was mentioned in Hindu puranas. And it is believed the seat of Godess Maha Lakshi ( godess of wealth).
Fengshui also recommend lotus plant for prosperity.
Many fb groups are formed in the name of lotus. People are started making good amount of money with new trend. Ladies are getting extra income through this and their family members are supporting very much.
Varieties like Super lotus, Green apple, Orange loquat, Buddha Sound, Red Philip, Drop Blood, Yellow Pror, Yellow Peony, White Masky etc are some among the popular lotus. Price starting from 300 to 3000 Indian Rupees for each tuber. The more you pay ,the quality of lotus will go high.

Vastu suggest ideal place for a lotus pond on north east corner of the compound. It is also the place of Kubera( God of wealth).

In other words Lotus from China had changed the garden concept in the state. In the lotus pond people started growing ornamental fish. It helps to control the mosquitoes as well as to increase the Chi and to make a positive vibe in the house.